Let’s Create the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ of Digital Learning Games

metalgearsolid5Reposted from: Marcus T. Wright of Huffington Post Education

One of my favorite video games of all time is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. What a game. You had to not only navigate the barrage of obstacles thrown at your character (Snake), but you also had to make sure he was well-fed and his wounds were healed along the way. The graphics were amazing and the storyline was fantastic. It was quite the experience. If you have played the games from the Metal Gear series, you know that they are some of the finest gaming experiences ever crafted.

But this post isn’t necessarily about Metal Gear Solid. It’s about the movement to create digital games for learning purposes. Not just for education, but in all aspects of life. The movement is gaining steam. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology just had a Games for Learning summit in April. Titles that fall under the “Serious Games” category are helping people use games for self-improvement, personal development, and empathy. There is momentum to use games beyond entertainment purposes, and that momentum is growing.

But I want my Metal Gear Solid of digital learning games.

I want to learn while being blown away with spectacular storylines, amazing graphics, and mind-bending, cutting-edge gameplay.

Asking for too much, you say?

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