CUNY Games Festival


Games-Based Learning (GBL) is maturing rapidly, and there is an increased demand for evidence-based pedagogies.1 & 2 Those involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning will have a greater impact if their efforts are aligned with national agendas. To provide guidance in these matters, this year’s CUNY Games Festival introduces a theme. The theme serves to orient newcomers to accepted practices in the field and align research with established theories of learning. Our theme is accompanied by a rubric for proposal submissions. While the theme is designed to inspire innovation, the rubric is designed to assure that submissions are sufficiently rigorous. Newcomers to the field should not be intimidated by these standards. Rather, use them to advise your proposal submission and future work.

Conference Theme

The conference theme is composed of two broad goals:

  • To invent, explore, and learn to effectively use GBL to address society’s educational goals.
  • To advance understanding of how people learn and how to better foster learning in the context of the new kinds of learning experiences that GBL makes possible.

Link to Conference Site for more detailed information

(This copy is re-posted from the original conference web site)


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