Developer Offers Teachers New Tool to Connect Games to the Classroom

By – Oct 19, 2015        Reposted from

For game developers, it might sound like a pipe dream – a tool that would let teachers quickly and easily import their own content into a game, custom-built for their own classroom and assessment needs. It’s what teachers have been asking for and what many tech companies hope could be the elusive key to integrating game-based learning into the educational mainstream.mla_illustration-1024x742

Game developer Muzzy Lane thinks their new tool may make the dream a reality. The Massachusetts-based software company recently announced the release of Muzzy Lane Author, a cloud-based authoring service that provides user friendly, mobile-first tools for educators and content specialists who want to take advantage of game-based learning, without spending time and money on custom design and development.

“There’s this wave coming, of exciting new activities and assessments that will incorporate game mechanics, and allow them to move much more readily into the mainstream,” said Muzzy Lane CEO Conall Ryan. “It’s worth looking for ways to unleash other people’s creativity, not convince them of our own.”

To this end, Muzzy Lane Author initially includes five different learning templates to help unlock that instructional gamesandlearning_logocreativity: Smart Chat, Insights, Vote, Align, and Slide Show.. Each template provides a set of activities and criteria to allow for meaningful learning, from math to history to English language arts. In addition to letting individual instructors harness the power of game-based learning, Ryan anticipates that these tools and templates will also inspire a secondary marketplace of activities created by talented instructors, similar to the “teachers pay teachers” lesson plan trade.    CONTINUE ARTICLE AT



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