About This Site

interactionPart I:  To find out about me click here.  To find out about this blog in general read on.  My raison d’être is the investigation of the intersection of learning and human engagement.  My initial tendencies are toward using the concept and techniques of games and gaming in this intersection.   Other than learning and teaching, games and gaming are, as you will see, my personal passions.

The Interactive Engagement Research Society is the effort to unite these passions in a practical and academic manner. Learning is best – and by that I mean more effective and easier – when it is in a context of a system, when one can see the obvious practical application and when it is fun and challenging.

Though gaming and games are the initial thrust, the concepts behind games and gamification – interaction and engagement with other people and the system and the ability to try things repeatedly and differently from different directions is both the connection and the power here.

Major concepts and ideas investigated here include simulation, gamification, engagement, interactivity, play, and fun.  To be sure, my initial interest is in the application of megagaming in education.  But, the fact that such an endeavor can encompass, to varying degrees, the interests of fields such as gaming, education, training, political science, sociology, theater, history, and others speaks to the tangents and intersections engaged here.

As a “society,” this “Interactive Engagement Research Society” is intended as an organization  for the intersection of both academics and practitioners.  It is a place to find resources and encourage empirical research and practical application.  Thus, this is a place for seeing the data and the best practices for applying that data.  I hope to make the access to this information as useful as the information itself.

– Jared Alexander Seay
March 2015







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