Game Reviews & Explanations

Shut Up & Sit Down:  Very well done board game review site.  Includes both article and video reviews, a podcast, and community forums.

Tabletop (With Wil Wheaton):  Once a week internet sensation Wil Wheaton (of STNG fame) gathers celebrity friends to play a tabletop game (board or card game).  Wil and his excellent show editors explain the game rules in the beginning and as the game progresses.  This is a great show to both learn the rules and see real (and famous) people gather to engage in the joy of a good game.

iSlaytheDragon: A board game community: “iSlaytheDragon provides news, views, and reviews on new and old games to help others determine whether a game is worth checking out. We also have a series of guides to help new gamers get acclimated and veterans dig deeper into the hobby.”

Starlit Citadel Reviews: “Starlit Citadel Reviews is a board game review series produced by Starlit Citadel, a Canadian online board game retailer. The series is hosted by Kaja Sadowski (the manager of Starlit Citadel) and Joanna Gaskell (writer and star of the webseries Standard Action). Starlit Citadel Reviews is currently in its 3rd season, and puts out a new 5-10 minute game review every second Monday, along with annual Top 10 lists and other specials.”

Board Game Quest: “Board Game Quest works hard to provide you with weekly board game reviews, news, interviews with game designers, and information on upcoming Kickstarters.”  Reviews are in the form of illustrated articles.

Boardgame Geek: The granddaddy of all boardgame review sites.  Not always pretty, but chock full of data and images.  A database of player reviews, session reports, images, and news





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