Innovative Learning Spaces & Places

These are spaces and places in universities and institutions or any location that is designed physically to foster and stimulate learning/teaching innovation.  Though technology – even a particular type of technology may play significant factor in such a space, often the layout and physical layout and design of the environment is key to the stimulating environment.

Disruptive Media Learning Lab – Coventry University

The Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) is a semi-autonomous cross-University experimental unit whose remit is specifically to drive innovation of teaching, learning and practice forward.

The Lab focuses on innovations in new teaching and learning methodologies and technologies.  The DMLL will drive forward innovation, lead and support initiatives within the overall remit of ‘disruptive media learning’. Our projects are a combination of innovative push from the DMLL team and pull by demand from learners.  The success of the projects can be monitored by innovation, uptake and reach.

Some examples are Flipped Classrooms, Open Courses, new models of online-learning, games science and Gamification. We work across all the Faculties and departments in the University to challenge and enhance traditional approaches to teaching and learning.


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