Megagames: interactive, engaging learning

megagamespic2 Megagames are defined by the Megagame Makers as large games involving multiple players, in which, the participants are organized into teams, and those teams into a hierarchy of teams.”  The subject matter can range from politics, economics, history, science fiction and heroic fantasy.

Brief videos describing a megagame:

One site gives a few basic characteristics of a megagame that I shall post here:

A megagame is a growing genre of games that have the following features:

  • Teams of players, sometimes organized into a hierarchy of teammegagamespic1s
  • A dynamic game narrative created entirely by emerging gameplay between players
  • Strong interactions between players within teams and between teams
  • It often also has ‘sub-games’ that integrate and inter-relate to enrich the overall game narrative.

The information above is taken from THIS SITE.

Megagame Organizations, Societies, and Companies

Other Links:  All of these links (and there are a growing number more mostly in Australia, Canada, and the UK) are focused only on the “Watch the Skies” scenario, which is indeed engaging.  But, the folks at Megagame Makers have made many other political and economic scenarios that have nothing to do with aliens.

Articles About Megagames


Megagame Videos

Planned Mega Game Events List

MegaGame Creation Kit:  Links to resources that assist in the creation and running of a MegaGame Event.





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