Practical Application

Breakout EDU
Transform any physical space into the ultimate gaming experience. Breakout games are great for the classroom, boardroom, living room, and everything in between. All classroom subjects (Common Core & NGSS aligned).  See article about this here: Breakout Edu: Escape from the Traditional Classroom.

Breakout Edu: Escape From the Traditional Classroom

The Alternate Classroom
The Alternate Classroom is a blog focusing on game based learning projects that seek to transform learning spaces themselves into games. It contains both the pedagogical philosophy behind these projects and in depth explorations of the logistics of designing, running, and iterating the units to help teachers to design their own games for their own classrooms. It will also contain the authors’ thoughts on game culture and game based learning initiative

CUNY Games Network: A Center for Game-Based Learning
The CUNY Games Network is an organization dedicated to encouraging research, scholarship and teaching in the developing field of games-based learning. We connect educators from every campus and discipline at CUNY and beyond who are interested in digital and non-digital games, simulations, and other forms of interactive teaching and inquiry-based learning.

playful learning: Play to learn.  Learn to play
Through professional development and outreach at regional and national events across the USA, we’re helping teachers connect with each other and share ideas about using games to teach.  The Playful Learning website supports this growing network of educators through friendly guides, useful links and event information. It is open to everyone, whether or not they have attended our workshops.

Empower your classroom with the best games, apps, and maker kits, including engaging lesson plans aligned to core standards. Explore, connect, & create.

Gamindex was born after a long semester of looking for games to use in teaching and not having a single source specifically for games in education.  There was a space for finding empathy games and commercial games and educational games, but no one place that targeted how all three could be used in education.

Lucid Learning documents experiments with learning and educational games in school settings. It strives to provide practical examples and models to encourage and inspire teachers to adopt playful and game-based learning into their practice. It considers the educational benefits and purposes of video games, pervasive games, board games and games culture in general.

Brantford Games Networked Lab
The goal of the Brantford Games Network lab is to create transformative games and play that can change the world. Transformative games are forms of play with goals and structure designed to change players.  The term was coined by Jesse Schell, but these games are also refereed to as serious games or games for change.

The Teach with Portals program offers free content, information and tools to help educators build innovative curricula. Games and tools are delivered through STEAM for SCHOOLS, the school-friendly version of our game distribution service.

Educators can learn about and share compelling, engaging and creative content by accessing lesson plans and resources on the Teach with Portals website, and join a teachers-only community forum for peer support and problem-solving.


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