Software: engaging and interactive

Software that can be used in a classroom environment to increase student engagement and interaction.

Audience Response Software (ARS)

  • Kahoot: A game-based classroom response system for schools, universities and business
  • Plickers: simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices
  • Poll Everywhere:  Get instant audience feedback using mobile phones, Twitter or browsers in real time.

Using a Video as your Lesson

  • EDpuzzle: Access video from variety of sources (YouTube, Khan Academy, Vimeo etc) and manipulate length, edit audio (ex: your own voice over), and embed questions.  Get Data: Track responses and users.  Good for flipped classroom.

Engaging Students on Mobile Devices

  • Nearpod: Create presentations and download ready to use lessons.  Students engage on their own mobile devices while instructor can control output and track learning & devices.

Presentation – its not all PowerPoint anymore

  • Emaze:  an online presentation platform built on html5 technology. Users can create, manage and share their presentations through their cloud-based SaaS system. emaze offers a variety of templates including formats using 3D animations and video backgrounds. (This definition taken from Wikipedia article about emaze.)



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