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Shut Up & Sit Down
In depth, entertaining article & video reviews of board and card games that not only discusses about pros and cons of the game, but about how to play the game with details of the game mechanics.

Board Game Geek
BoardGameGeek is a website dedicated to the subject of physical board games. The site provides an extensive database of board games as well as an active community of users who discuss, argue, buy, sell, trade and play board games. The database contains over 81,000 board games (as of January 25, 2016) and each game has its own Game entry which gives information about a game, user ratings, forums for discussion and a great deal mo

With so many games out there, it can be a chore finding the right game for you, your family, or your gaming group. is all about discovery and people helping people.  Through extensive research and professional design, we put everything you need to know about board games into an accessible and visually appealing space

Board Game Links
Looking for the best board game websites. We’re currently working on regrouping, classifying and ranking the best board games, board game related websites, videos, news, publishers, online stores and conventions.

In this hit show, geek icon Wil Wheaton and a slew of celebrity guests gather to play their favorite board games.  Each high production value show features an introduction to the rules of a particular game and then celebrity guests playing a full game interspersed with detailed rule explanations and entertaining graphics .


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